The Benefits of Marine Collagen & Vitamin C

The Benefits of Marine Collagen & Vitamin C

The Benefits of Marine Collagen & Vitamin C

Marine collagen is a building block for strong bones and healthy skin. As a new "buzzword" in the health industry, it's been catching a lot of attention. But what is it? And what are the benefits?

Marine collagen is extracted from the meat or scales of fish. It is absorbed quickly and enters your bloodstream, promoting strong bones, connective tissues and skin. 

Here are some of the benefits marine collagen provide:

Minimises lines and wrinkles

Collagen is the basis for skin restructuring. It helps the skin retain moisture, protects it from further damage, and restores firmness. A vitamin C supplement will help your body create collagen and further restore your skin. 

Heal Faster

Collagen is required to create new tissue. Replenishing your stores of collagen can help your body heal by creating new tissue in the damaged area. 

Improve Joint Function

When you have enough collagen in your body, it collects in your cartilage. This protects your joints, decreases joint pain and can also increase your mobility, improving the symptoms of osteoarthritis.


Improve bone density

Collagens are proteins. They are the building blocks for strong bones and teeth. Keeping your collagen levels up can increase your bone density as you grow older. 

Supplementing your daily routine with collagen and vitamin C can improve your skin, nails, and bones, having a positive impact on your life. Coco Luxe Glow and Coco Luxe Boost can give you that perfect combination to help you thrive, feel and look youthful, and move more freely!


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