Supplements in a post-Covid-19 world

Supplements in a post-Covid-19 world

Supplements in a post-Covid-19 world: How the pandemic has changed our food and drink choices?

If you’ve found yourself paying more attention to your general health than ever before… you’re certainly not alone, with the number of people turning to supplements up by 140%[1].

Before March 2020 you most likely picked a supplement fortified drink off the shelf because you felt slightly under the weather, hungover (let’s be honest), or just wanted to protect yourself from a cold that was making its way around the office.

However, in the space of two years our world has massively changed, with health boosted to the top of many people’s priority list during the pandemic - as it should be.

One US-based study found that interest in digestive health and immunity supplements had exploded within the first few months of the pandemic; with Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Prebiotics, and Zinc most popular[2].

As a result, we have seen an increase in the number of people reaching for our products as a delicious way to consume the premium health supplements contained within them; from a hit of Vitamin C, B12, and rehydrating electrolytes, to hydrolysed marine collagen that keeps you looking and feeling your best. 

Whilst our mission has always been to promote overall health for the people and the planet, first and foremost Koko & Karma’s fortified coconut water will always remain a bloody refreshing drink created to be enjoyed, not tolerated as part of a healthy regime...

But it doesn’t hurt that our products also help support your body in its natural processes - both the ones that keep your vital organs functioning at peak performance, and those that give you glossy hair and glowing skin.

One particular health buzzword this year has been Collagen, and it’s no surprise that the protein has millions of fans worldwide with its benefits including improved joint health (for us exercise fanatics), and anti-aging support for your skin that gives a lifting effect.

You may have heard the terms prebiotics and probiotics but what do they really mean and what role do they both play in keeping you healthy?  



Prebiotics are fibres that feed the healthy gut bacteria and are important in maintaining a balanced gut. They lay the groundwork for the probiotics to flourish. If probiotics were the flowers in a garden, prebiotics would be the soil those flowers thrive in.

Prebiotics include fibre-rich foods like whole grains, beans and legumes, fruits and vegetables. Inulin is a prebiotic and a type of soluble fibre. It is found naturally in high amounts in chicory root, as well in smaller amounts in foods like Jerusalem artichokes, onions and a type of Mexican turnip called jicama.

Inulin is added to some food products because it improves gut health without changing the taste or texture of the food.

It’s important to nourish the good bacteria in your gut with plenty of prebiotics. They are broken down by the good bacteria into short chain fatty acids (SCFAs). The SCFAs help to keep the lining of the gut healthy which has been linked with reduced inflammation, increased absorption of nutrients from your food, improved immunity, better mood and can protect against bowel cancer.

For a healthy, happy gut try to include both probiotics and prebiotics in your diet every day. It can make a big difference to your gut almost immediately with research showing changing your diet can improve your gut health in just days.

It has also been proven that probiotics have an enhancing effect on our bodies’ ability to make antibodies, and they also boost the number of immune cells that fight off viruses and bacteria  - which is exactly what we’re all looking for in the current climate[2].

And here’s one emerging supplement you may not be fully aware of … Hemp. 

Growing in popularity the sober cousin of Marijuana is an incredibly versatile supplement that offers an array of vitamins, from Vitamin E, B6, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc, and Potassium.

Taking hemp supplements has been proven to reduce inflammation, one study found[3], due to the omega-3 oils it contains.

So if you’ve already got a medicine cabinet full of vitamin pills and you’re looking to get your daily dose of Collagen in a non-capsule form, why not pick up our Glow - it contains our usual fresh coconut water with added hydrolysed marine collagen and acai berry for an antioxidant lift.


Or if you’re looking for immunity support our Boost will do just that, with vitamins C (your daily dose) and B12.