About us

My Mission

After spending years in the ever-evolving consumer goods industry, I am proud to now offer a product designed to improve health while also reflecting sustainable values. 

I wanted to produce more than just a consumer product. My goal lay in creating a company that performs responsibly in all phases of business.  

This means not only creating a product that will enhance our customers’ health and well being, but also reflects our commitment to responsible stewardship of the environment, including the ethical and compassionate treatment of people and the planet.

My Story

I am a Sydney girl, married mother of two who has been an unofficial animal rescuer, foster mother and advocate for decades. Animals are my happy place.

After decades of running businesses dedicate to the marketing and promotion of  fast moving goods, I embarked on creating my own product in which would be centred around providing customers with premium products made with the highest efficacy standards. 

The way I look at it is by doing the best for you my customer, I can also do the best for my community and the planet. Values which some other brands hold exclusive to one another. 

Ultimately, I aim to create an animal sanctuary of my own leaving a legacy of compassion and philanthropy all whilst providing the best tasting range of functional beverages there is on the market. A true win win.

 Bella, my 17 year old furever friend.