Our Supply Chain Promise: Transparency, not greenwashing!

Our Supply Chain Promise: Transparency, not greenwashing

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Every aspect of our supply chain and the partners we work with have been closely scrutinised to ensure that our products are top quality, ethically sourced, and produced to our human and environmental standards. 

Our factories’ working conditions and pay rates are regularly audited, with our farmers paid over and above the standard rates to ensure continuity and quality of products.

We have strict waste and energy usage procedures in our factories, which are checked and mandated by independent auditors regularly.

Koko & Karma has recently switched its packaging to aluminium cans, after learning that the Tetra packaging we had been using has very low recycling rates. 

We could not ignore the fact that most of Australia’s Tetra waste is sent offshore to India or Korea, adding to both the carbon footprint and efficacy of using Tetra packaging.

We also steer away from single use plastics - as removing one from the ocean only to replace it with one, just doesn't seem ethical to us. 

Aluminium is considered a ‘sustainable material’, which means it can be recycled again and again without the material losing its integrity which is why we have chosen to move to BBA free aluminium cans. 

Additionally, recycling aluminium saves 95% of the energy needed to make virgin aluminium from Bauxite ore, so it is far more energy-efficient to recycle and use recycled cans.

As a small business we may not be perfect, but we aim to be as environmentally conscious as we can.

At every stage of production and distribution we’re taking quantifiable steps towards our goal of minimising our carbon footprint and protecting the natural environment.

We choose not to use single use plastic bottles as the risk of bottles ending up in our precious ocean is just too high.